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Gender: Female

Intake Date: 04.05.2017

Age: 5 Years

Ideal Home: Indoor/Outdoor, adults, dogs and other cats.

Personality: Vocal, affectionate and playful.


She could have been a model. She is tiny, thin and extraordinarily beautiful. Although she is at home on the catwalk (where photographers scramble to get that one shot of her that will make their fortunes) she doesn’t seek the limelight. She has turned down countless interviews with national publications because she considers self promotion to be tacky.  But she will snuggle one on one with anyone who is serious about taking her home. She’s not looking for stardom or millions of adoring fans…she’s looking for that one special person who will look past the glitz and glamour and see her for the wonderful kitty she is, recognizing that not only is she beautiful on the outside…but she is beautiful on the inside too.

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