Midnight & Ms. Meowgi

Gender: Male/Female

Age: 15/16 years

Ideal Home: Indoor, children, adults and other cats. 

Personality: Both are affectionate & loving. 

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Midnight-This sweet boy was obviously on his own for quite some time before coming to AniMeals. He doesn’t ask for much, loves people, gets along with everyone, and will give you all of the attention that you may need. He’s the perfect companion!

Ms. Meowgi- She was found by a lady that realized she was in dire need of some help. She was extremely thin, dehydrated and obviously homeless. We think she had been on her own for quite some time as she only weighed five pounds when she was rescued. She is still very petite and quite precious. Talk to her and she will carry on a conversation with you. Her needs are few. She likes laps, sunshine and treats. She will never take up much room in your house, but be prepared for the large amount of space she will take up in your heart.