Donovon's Story

He was lying underneath a rusted out junker in a graveyard where old cars go to die. He had been there for days, unable to move as he was paralyzed from the neck down. His future looked as bleak as the surrounding landscape. He hissed his distress at his would be rescuers, but hunger trumped fear; and he ate ravenously when offered food.

We took him to the Pet Emergency Clinic where he was examined, underwent X-rays, and a complete blood panel, which showed no apparent reason for his condition. He is started on a regimen of antibiotics, steroids, painkillers and is additionally treated for tick paralysis.

On the third day, an ultra sound confirms the original diagnosis; no apparent reason for his condition. At the shelter we make him comfortable, hold our collective breath, and wait for a miracle. We recognize he has feeling in his body as he becomes very agitated when he needs to relieve himself. Day four: We see a tiny flick at the tip of the tail and he spreads his toes when we massage his feet. Day five: He stands up on his own. Day six: He takes his first tentative steps and walks across the room. We have just witnessed the miracle we have all been praying for. Our handsome boy has made a full recovery.

Addendum: One month later he collapsed. Once again we raced him to the Emergency Clinic. X rays showed a foreign object lodged in his intestines. They immediately prepped him for surgery while we waited anxiously by the phone. An hour later the call came in saying the surgery was a success and our boy was resting comfortably. She said “You are not going to believe this, but the object I found was a pine cone”. When you are paralyzed and so hungry you will eat anything within your reach, I guess even a pine cone will do. Donovon is alive today because of people like you that believe in our mission. He has been adopted by a member of the AniMeals staff and is now living the good life with his new brother Capone.

We Rescue. We Feed. We Heal.