Ellie's Story

They took her out of the trunk of their car and said “If you don’t take her we are going to let her go.” We immediately transferred this sweet, eight month old, deaf and partially blind puppy to one of our rescue partners. When she went in for her spay surgery they discovered a hole in her heart. The rescue we sent her to was not equipped to handle something like this, so we took her back, put her in foster, and began making phone calls.

We found a surgeon in Great Falls willing to do the surgery. Things seemed to be going well, but 10 days post-op Ellie crashed. We rushed her to a specialist, who examined her and said he could still hear the murmur and that she needed to go to Spokane to get a cardiac sonogram done in order to pinpoint the problem. We were on the road the next day with one very sick little dog. The sonogram reinforced that there was, indeed, still an issue.

We took her back to the surgeon in Great Falls who oversaw the initial operation. He did an exploratory surgery and could find nothing. The sutures were in place, everything looked good, and although he couldn’t see the hole, he could still hear the murmur. She was placed on a second medication to help her heart function more efficiently.

In the meantime we contacted a rescue that specializes in dogs having the same problems that our little Ellie had. Knowing her complete history, they welcomed her with open arms. When she was stable enough to travel we drove her to the Double J Dog Ranch in Hauser Lake, Idaho. We were very excited that she was going to people who have the knowledge, the love and access to the world-class vet care that Ellie needed.

They performed a third surgery, found the hole and repaired it! Today Ellie is your typical happy puppy. She loves everyone she meets and shows it with an abundance of affectionate kisses.

We Rescue. We Feed. We Heal.