Honey’s Story

They found her living on the floorboards of a truck when they pulled the driver over for a DUI. She was paralyzed from the waist down with a broken tail, two broken legs, and a broken pelvis. It seemed that the only thing that wasn’t broken on this little girl was her spirit. Everyone who met her fell in love, and that is what saved her life.

Pigs Peace Sanctuary in Stanwood, Washington was her ultimate destination, but they needed help getting her there. One hour after the call came in, we were on the road to Gillette, Wyoming to pick up our precious cargo. Little did we know that we were driving into the storm of the century. Gale force winds raged for hundreds of miles, lightning lit up the night sky, and hail the size of golf balls pounded the countryside. But we were on a mission, and not even the wrath of Mother Nature was going to stop us.

When Cliff, our driver, met Honey, she dragged her little body as fast as she could towards him. Once again, it was love at first sight. After a yummy breakfast of apple juice and oatmeal, they began the eleven hundred mile journey home, to what was going to be heaven on earth for this sweet and very lucky little pig. They arrived in Missoula at 11:00 P.M., exhausted but elated that the next transfer would be to Judy, the Founder and Director of Pigs Peace Sanctuary.

Two weeks later, we visited Honey in her forever home. She was lounging in a deep bed of hay with her new best friend, Otis.

Life has never been better.

We Rescue. We Feed. We Heal