Matthis’ Story

One look at this cat and we knew he wouldn’t make it through the night. He had massive hair loss along his backbone and forelegs, his fur felt like straw from severe dehydration and a particularly nasty viral infection was eating away his tongue, throat, and lips, causing him so much pain, he was unable to eat. He had 19 toes in the grave. We pulled out all the stops and threw everything medically possible at him. We were bound and determined that he was going to have a happy ending. Unsure of his origins, we clipped his ear when we had him neutered (just in case, as reported, he turned out to be feral).

For the next 6 weeks we fed and medicated him through a feeding tube that was inserted in his neck. If he never trusted anyone before, he trusted us now. He learned that we meant no harm and we were only here to help. He slowly regained his strength and his health. As he started feeling better, he realized that he REALLY liked indoor living and dinner served up by his adoring staff!

He is our miracle cat. If the will to live was a physical thing he would truly be a force of nature. He is one tough cat! He is so happy to be off the street and have the love and attention he craves (and regular meals) that we think he will never leave your side.

We Rescue. We Feed. We Heal.