Kiki Will Always Be An AniMeals Kitty

They were in the process of moving when Kiki disappeared. A frantic door to door search turned up no leads, and the flyers tacked to every tree and telephone pole in the neighborhood turned yellow and faded. They were devastated at the loss of their beloved kitty.

Two months later a woman got out of bed on a warm Saturday morning in July and discovered an extremely emaciated cat covered in filth lying on her living room floor. She glanced at the open window, making a mental note to install a screen, and gently picked up the piteous creature that seemed to be barely clinging to life. She gave her a bath washing the grime and a substantial amount of maggots from what used to be her beautiful white coat before bringing her to AniMeals. We scanned for a micro chip and realized that this was our very own little “Owl” that had been adopted a year and a half prior. The young couple that had adopted her was unable to cover the expense of what was going to be a very long and involved effort to save her life, and chose to relinquish her back into our care. Their elation at finding their kitty turned to despair in the course of one hour. Once again they had lost their beloved Kiki.She had lost four pounds; was suffering from acute starvation, was anemic, covered in maggots, hypothermic and markedly dehydrated. Our team of veterinarians, our AniMeals ICU staff, and one amazing foster (Diane Denessen) worked tirelessly to pull her back from the brink. It took seven weeks, two blood transfusions, fluid therapy, vitamin injections, steroids and antibiotics to stabilize her. We fed her through a feeding tube inserted in her neck monitoring very carefully the amounts given. Kiki’s family came to visit her every day during her long and arduous ordeal, giving her the strength and the reason to keep on fighting. She’s back home now with eight lives to go!We believe that every life is valuable, no matter what age or medical condition. We feel we have a moral obligation to make sure that our commitment to each animal is a for a life time. Kiki, you will always be an AniMeals kitty. Together, we rescue. We feed. We heal.​