Desperate times call for desperate measures…and he was desperate. Weighing in at only four and a half pounds he was starving to death. He made one last ditch effort to save his own life. He had been in this house once before, eleven months prior, and knew where the food was. He scaled a six foot fence, maneuvered his way through four dogs (that would have liked to have had him for lunch), traversed a cat walk into the house, found his way to the kitchen, and salvation. He was sitting next to the food bowl on the counter when the owner of the house came home from work.

Not only was he starving, he had a massive hernia that had broken through the intestinal wall and was sitting in his body cavity. He was in bad shape.

Fast forward ONE MONTH! He had the hernia repaired, has gained four pounds, and is well on his way to recovery! Talk about breaking into the right house!! We named him Burglar because he is obviously guilty of breaking and entering, but as we said before…desperate times call for desperate measures.

Burglar has been adopted and is now living the good life.