The Rescue of Sarah Jones

It was a plaintive call for help. She looked out the window for the source of the sound. The cat was skin and bones and obviously in need. Even though she lives a meager existence herself, 76 year old “Sarah” couldn’t turn a blind eye to the starving, piteous little kitty that was on her doorstep. It was a small act of compassion that got quickly out of hand. Over the course of time, one cat turned into ten, then twenty, and along with spring time came an explosion of kittens. With approximately 50 cats now living in and around her house, she knew she was in over her head.

When we arrived with food and carriers in hand, we were saddened to see the conditions that Sarah and the cats were living in. Standing in the street, you could smell the decay and urine emanating from the house. Tiny little heads peaked out from holes dug underneath the foundation, and the screens on the windows were cut open, creating easy access for both babies and adults seeking shelter. Unaccustomed to outsiders, a multitude of cats scattered in the blink of an eye. We were able to immediately catch 15 very ill and malnourished babies, simply because they were too sick to run, their eyes blinded by infection.

Sarah’s paltry income wasn’t sufficient enough to feed the need and the growing numbers so an ever present hunger was always knawing at their empty bellies. Throwing caution to the wind, one very hungry feline, jumped into the car where food was being prepared for the traps. She dragged out an open can, ate ravenously, and disappeared.

We trapped 10 adults and rescued 27 babies over the next two days. The adults were spayed/neutered and returned to their home, along with a substantial amount of food. The babies were brought back to health, and placed into foster homes until ready for adoption.

And Sarah? Sarah recognized that she needed to be more responsible with her indoor kitties’ health and made vet appointments for them.