A Tale of Two Kitties

Baby Kittens in Critical Condition

WARNING! This story will be very difficult to read. We chose to spare you the intake pictures as they are too graphic to look at.

Meet Miller and Summer Honey. They are barely four weeks old, weighing in at less than a pound, and no bigger than the palm of your hand. They were found underneath a shed lying next to their dead mother. Both babies were covered in maggots that were literally eating them alive. The picture you are seeing is the result of the maggots burrowing in through the webbing between their toes. In all of our sheltering years, we have never seen anything more horrific than the condition these kittens were in. After twelve hours on IV drips, pain medication, antibiotics, and both receiving blood transfusions, our tiny babies are still clinging to life.

They are receiving intensive around the clock care by a team of very competent veterinarians that are cautiously optimistic that they can save their lives. It is important to get Miller and Summer Honey stabilized immediately, as shock alone can kill them.

We are very sad to report that at 11:30 last night Miller crashed. His kidneys shut down and we made the decision to let him go to Rainbow Bridge. We are heartbroken that we could not save our precious little boy. Our only consolation is that we know he is playing in the tall cool grass, just this side of Heaven, waiting for us.

The good news is...Summer Honey is holding his own and showing signs of improvement. Although he will remain in Intensive Care through the weekend, he is eating on his own and we are beginning to see a little purrsonality! He will be spending another night at the Emergency Clinic tonight and then will be going home with Doctor Zirbel until he is stable enough for surgery next week. The operation is for the removal of his very damaged little tail and to close up the wounds created by the maggots during his nightmarish ordeal.

Summer Honey, Our Little Survivor

His life almost ended before it began, but this little tiger is a fighter! After a blood transfusion, fluid therapy, pain medication, antibiotics, and a team of veterinarians working together to save his life, he has been upgraded from "Critical" condition to "Fair." His vital signs and blood work look favorable and all signs are leading to continued improvement! He has been moved out of Intensive Care into a Constant Care foster home where he is being monitored closely. He goes to the clinic every day to get re- evaluated and have his bandages changed, by his purrsonal physician, Dr. Jani Zirbel (Animal Blessings Pet Hospital). He is eating like a champ and has gained 3 ounces!

Summer Honey is continuing to improve! Although he is still in Constant Care, having his bandages changed and being monitored daily, his eyes are bright and his spirits are good! Our super fabulous foster mom Dorie, chauffeurs our little celebrity to and from his doctor appointments, every day, and keeps her ever watchful eyes on him.

He gets his wounds debrided as needed. The infection has slowed, and he is gaining strength. There is a possibility that he may not have to undergo the surgery to amputate his tail as it may fall off on its own. Yikes! He hasn't been able to run around and play like a normal kitten but his stuffed animal friends give him comfort and foster momma Dorie showers him with love and kisses.

Summer Honey has made a full recovery, was adopted and is living with his forever family.