He lay in a crumpled heap on the road, 45 miles on the other side of the state line in the densely wooded Lochsa/Highway 12 corridor. He was suffering terribly. The pain coursing through him was as unbearable as was the heat rising in waves off of the asphalt. Minutes felt like hours, hours felt like days, he didn’t know how much longer he could hang on. He felt himself slipping into the numbing arms of unconsciousness. His life flashed before his eyes….

He was brought into Manatee County Animal Control in Florida eight months earlier, suffering from an upper respiratory infection. They spent four months trying to get the two month old baby’s infection under control, to no avail. Ultimately it destroyed one of his eyes and he had to have it removed. Shortly thereafter he was adopted by a young couple that had no ties to the Sunshine state, and had decided they were going to move to Seattle. They loaded up their car and headed north. Twenty three hundred miles later they pulled into a rest stop outside of Billings, where “Rambo” jumped out of the car and disappeared into the night.

It was a beautiful afternoon for a drive, and Bill was traveling through an equally beautiful forest on his way home. He saw something up ahead in the road and slowed down. Driving by, he realized what he was looking at was an injured cat. He slammed on the brakes and flipped a U turn when he saw it move. He gently picked up his broken body and placed him on the car seat, praying that he could get him to the Pet Emergency Center in time to save his life.

Rambo’s amazing journey was pieced together when we discovered he was micro chipped. He had evidently hitched a ride on the under carriage of another car or truck sitting at the rest stop, and travelled 450 miles before he fell out and was run over.

He spent 11 days in intensive care while his battered body began the long and arduous healing process; once again he was beating all the odds.

Bill visited Rambo regularly while he regained his strength. During this time, our Good Samaritan realized that this sweet boy had to be a part of his life. Rambo is now living happily with his knight in shining amour who says “He seems so grateful”.