Two ducks walk into a bank...

We received a call from a local bank stating that they found two baby ducklings in a box by their front door. We collected this precious cargo and put them in foster care. At four months old, they are all grown up and looking for their forever home. These handsome boys are Rouen ducks, which are a relatively quiet, very easy to tame and stately bird considered to be an excellent pet for the ranch pond or backyard. This is because of their calm and sociable nature. They are also good foragers and good for insect control.

These dapper drakes are trained to go in their house at night, live well with cats, are healthy and have impeccable manners!

We are looking for a home that will not consider them to be Sunday’s dinner –they must be kept as pets. We want them to live their lives, happily, on Old MacDonald’s farm. Does anybody know Old MacDonald?”

Update: Remember our two ducks that were found in a box on the door step of a bank? They were adopted by a wonderful family and won best in show at the county fair!