Maximus and the Bobcat

They stared each other down, muscles tensed, eyes locked, each one daring the other to move. Maximus didn’t stand a chance against an adversary of this size and ferocity, but he was never one to back down from a fight The growl started almost inaudibly, deep in the big cat’s throat and rose to a piercing scream right before he leaped. Powerful jaws snapped down on Maximus’ head as he threw himself away from the hungry predator. Teeth scraped bone, ripping his flesh as he fought for his life.

Deep snow in the mountains had forced the hungry cat closer to civilization in search of something to eat. Fortunately, Maximus (who was unaltered) weighed in at a solid 20 pounds, was powerfully built, and no stranger to the art of warfare. The battle that ensued was fierce, each fighting for their very existence.

Maximus fought like he had never fought before and came away alive, albeit gravely injured. The big cat tore off one of his ears, chewed up his front legs, (miraculously never breaking a bone), and inflicted more puncture wounds than we could count on Maximus’ mighty head.

When Susie heard the bobcat scream, she ran outside expecting the worst, and found it. Maximus used the distraction to make his break, gathering the last vestiges of his strength, and ran towards her collapsing in her arms. She brought him inside, washed the blood off his matted fur, and wrapped his wounds in towels soaked in Epsom salts. Still hungry, the bobcat, not one to give up so easily, was waiting for him out on the lawn the next morning.

It took Maximus 30 days in our Intensive Care Unit to heal. We treated his wounds, cleaned the ear mites out of what was left of his ears, shaved his matted coat, and got him neutered. This magnificent cat tangled with an apex predator and lived. Any lesser creature would not have made it.

Maximus has since been adopted and is living the good life in his forever home.