Our Baron Boy!

We don’t know what led to the little family’s homelessness. All we know is that they were trying to make the best of what life had thrown at them, together. She took her “family” of three cats with her everywhere she went, pushing them before her in a shopping cart. Life wasn’t easy for any of them. When Baron was delivered to us he was suffering from malnutrition, was lethargic, extremely dehydrated, and very thin; covered in fleas, had labored breathing due to asthma and was unable to walk because of nerve damage in his hind legs (neuropathy) caused by constant high levels of sugar in the blood resulting in diabetes. His glucose level read an alarming 504 (five times higher than normal). We immediately administered subcutaneous fluids and started picking the fleas off of him by hand. We were reluctant to apply the conventional chemical remedies used for parasite removal for fear of compromising his already weakened system. It took hours to rid him of the heavy infestation that was eating him alive, adding to his already considerable misery. Needless to say he was in pretty bad shape. He threw up everything he ate so we started him on an anti nausea medication, insulin and a high protein, low carbohydrate diet. Three months into his recovery a complete blood panel revealed hypoglycemia and compromised kidney values. It has been a very long road to recovery for our sweet boy but he is back in the pink, has been weaned off of insulin, gained weight and is doing better than ever! Baron is not up for adoption. We feel with the myriad of things that could go wrong because of his past medical history it is better to stay here so we can keep an ever watchful eye on him. He is happy here, his tummy is full, he has loads of admirers, and rules his new kingdom from the reception desk. We are extremely sad to share the news that our beloved Baron crossed over to Rainbow Bridge last night. The ravages of his past nine lives finally caught up to him. We are devastated at the loss of our precious boy. The only thing that gives us any comfort is knowing that he spent the last years of his life surrounded by many that cherished him greatly. He will be in our hearts forever. Rest in Peace sweet boy.