Early March 2018. It is the tail end of a long winter that is reluctant to release its icy grip. There is nothing to stop the wind in the wide open spaces of Great Falls Montana and the wind chill adds to the misery of animals living outside.

He was found lying on the frozen ground covered in his own urine and feces. He was near death. Weighing only six pounds, he was emaciated, suffering from severe dehydration, anemia, and blood sugar levels so high they didn’t even register on a meter; they had to test

with a blood machine. He had contact sores and urine burns on his hind legs, a mouth full of rotten teeth and tested positive for FIV.

He was taken to Best Friends Animal Hospital in Great Falls where he was put on an IV drip, given antibiotics and insulin. It took 6 days to rehydrate Calypso. As a result of the hydration he gained a full pound in those six days. The road to recovery was going to be a long one and the Great Falls rescue group that found him was not in a position to handle a case such as this. They called AniMeals for help.

We made a quick trip over and back to pick up our precious cargo. One of the volunteers from the rescue group that had picked up Calypso was eating at a restaurant the following day and overheard someone talking about a cat that he had been feeding. He was expressing concern and was worried because he hadn’t seen him in a day or so. Little did the man know his conversation was being overheard by the person who had picked up and saved Calypso the night before. The volunteer approached the man and asked if he lived in the area where Calypso had been found. Sure enough Calypso’s story had come full circle. The man burst into tears and told them that he had been feeding that homeless little cat for five years. In my mind this is certainly an example that angels walk among

us. Not the kind with wings; the kind that would never turn a blind eye to the suffering of another. His kindness for a lost little soul that crossed his path in life was probably the only thing that kept our sweet boy alive. This nameless stranger was Calypso’s guardian angel. But the ravages of time, the brutal Montana winters and his failing health finally caught up to Calypso.

He has been resting comfortably in our Intensive Care Unit for two weeks now where he is making his way back to health. He is on a high protein, low carb diet, has had a much needed dental involving a full mouth extraction, his blood sugar levels are coming down, he’s eating like there is no tomorrow, and has gained another pound! We are confident that Calypso will make a full recovery.

We know that at some point in his life Calypso had a home as he is neutered and loves people. We are hoping that when he is well enough to be adopted, his next home will be his forever. He has earned it.