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Gender: Male

Intake Date: 04.07.2018


Age: 1 Year

Ideal Home: A quiet home with little change. No other pets.

Personality: He’s very active and vocal. Loves to play and is very sweet. 


This sweet boy has Hydrocephalus (water on the brain). He’s very high functioning as he most Hydrocephalic kittens don’t live past a few months, Sonar is now one year old. He’s also completely blind, but has no other known medical issues that we are aware of. He loves people, but absolutely cannot live with other animals. His condition has not progressed and will most likely stay the way it is for the rest of his life. Our hopes are that he finds a quiet loving home where he will be the only animal. If you could find a place in your heart to give Sonar a happy home, he will be forever grateful. He’s very vocal, loves to play and cannot live without his treats!

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