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Gender: Female

Age: 2 Years

Intake Date: 08.16.2016

Ideal Home: Indoor/outdoor, children, adults and cats.

Personality: Affectionate, vocal, playful, friendly...has some "catitude".


Okay, okay it’s not that I don’t like dogs; it’s just that I would like to do my business in private without a dog doggin’ me all the time! Sheesh! HELLLLOOOO! I’D LIKE A LITTLE PRIVACY HERE!!! Spyro came back to us because she never got a moments peace from the family dog and it was beginning to wear on her. But really, who could blame the dog? Just look at this beautiful specimen of a cat! In spite of all the love and adoration heaped on her from unwanted suitors, she is ready for a new home where she can have her own space (just a small area to call her own) to get away from it all when she needs to. It’s hard being so beautiful.