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Wes & Wyatt

Gender: Males

Age: 6 mths

Intake Date: 01.13.2016

Ideal Home: Indoor/outdoor, will be good with kids and other pets.

Personality: Sweet and cuddly, these boys arevery bonded in new environments, but will jump right up on your lap for pets.


They were discovered living underneath the neighbor’s house where they had made their home for three weeks. Both of these bonded brothers were so sick they wouldn’t have made it much longer had they not been rescued. Now the picture of health, these handsome youngsters are ready to start life anew.  They are both love bugs extraordinaire! They will sit on your lap together, snuggle into the crook of your arms, give head boops and gentle kitty kisses. They are the most adorable pair we have seen in a very long time! Adopt them and you will get double the lovin’ and double the fun!


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