Intake Date~ January 2022
Adopted ~ January 2022 


He is now named Velcro due to his first interaction with my roommate she opened his crate to say hi and he sprung out and stuck clinging to her sweatshirt, and she jokingly started calling him Velcro kitty or sticky kitty and Velcro just fit right. It’s become his signature move; he will come up to people and tap them and if they invite him, he will leap into their arms and just cling to them and solicit love.

He is doing incredible and is the cat I never knew I needed. And I can’t thank you enough! He truly is something special. He gets along great with the rest of my crew. He and my older 2-year-old cat have become best friends and I love watching them play!

Velcro also loves dogs; he has come to work with me a couple times to hang out in the office or roam around while I clean after classes. He’s super popular with all our clients they think he is the coolest cat ever. And he adores all the attention and people, He has also met a couple of cat savvy adult dogs and cat familiar puppies that take classes at the facility he doesn’t even bat an eye he just trots up and says hi!

He has recently discovered the joys of leashed hikes with my youngest dog and I and loves exploring. He is also super motivated, and we have started learning tricks! We are also learning how to be polite with people’s food and not steal food off the coffee table.

Intake Date~ May 2020
Adopted ~ November 2021 



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Ella & Bea

Intake Date ~ October 2021 

Adopted ~ January 2022 



Intake Date ~ November 2021 

Adopted ~ December 2021 

I got Purrrsephone (formerly known as Anara) as a companion for my 9-month-old kitten who was very shy and skittish around people other than me, but very curious about other cats.  I specifically wanted a younger kitten so that the older one didn’t feel threatened in her own space.  Purr was about three months old when we brought her home on Solstice, and by Christmas Day, the two kittens were utterly inseparable.  The past 7 weeks have been a nonstop explosion of cuteness.  They play together, sleep and snuggle together, and groom each other, but are still interested in hanging out with their humans. Having Purr around has made the other kitten much more confident, secure, and outgoing.  Purr could not be a better fit for our home, and we adore her!


Intake Date ~ May 2014 

Adopted ~ December 2017 

I write to you from North Carolina - a long way from Montana and Bitten's beginnings. 


Five years ago, I'd been visiting AniMeals with a friend simply to pet cats and give them some love. I hadn't intended on adopting a new family member, but the universe had different plans for me that day. In the last enclosure I visited, I met the saddest, most hopeless cat I'd ever seen. Her long black and white fur was dull and no matter what I did, this cat wouldn't stop looking at the ground. I tried all my cat tricks to get some reaction out of her - treats, chin scratches, crumpled paper. But she had given up. 


I called over an AniMeals staff member and asked about the cat's story. Jezebel, as she'd been named, had been returned to the shelter THREE times for no discernable reason. As I listened to the staff member recap her medical file, I knew immediately that I'd come to AniMeals on that very day to meet this cat. 


The next day, after immediately going out to PetSmart and outfitting the house for her arrival, I returned to AniMeals to pick up my newest family member. I'll never forget what happened next because I still can't believe it. Jezebel walked right into the cat carrier, quietly sat in the passenger seat the whole way home, and stepped into her new life as if she'd been there all along. 


Since that day, Jezebel has taken the name "Bittens" and has traveled the country with her dog sister, Nala. Together, they've seen the Atlantic Ocean, hiked along the Appalachian trail, roamed the 20 acres of my new home in NC, and adopted a new family herself. She went from hopeless to homebound, forever spoiled, and always loved.  I have AniMeals to thank for never giving up on Bittens because, without them, I never would have met her. 

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bittens and dog.jpg

Tiger Lily

Intake Date ~ January 2016

Adopted ~ October 2017 

It was early September 2017 and my favorite aunt/second mom passed away suddenly from brain tumor complications and my senior tuxedo kitty Dharma passed three weeks after that from old age. To say I was devastated and heartbroken was an understatement. Dharma was the last kitty of the two fur babies I had since I was 8 years old, so I felt lost and empty without my fur baby soul mates. So, I decided to go to AniMeals and throw myself into visiting/volunteering with the kitties almost daily for weeks! 

That's when I met my new furry soul mate, Tiger Lily, aka "TLil". She is now the kitty love of my life! I just knew I had to adopt her because she was absolutely MISERABLE at the shelter and kept getting upper respiratory infections and pulling out her fur because she was just one of those kitties who do the worse in a shelter-type situation and she's not a "cat person", she despises other cats, but she loves people! Especially people who feed her and give her treats! Well, it's been more than 4 years now since that fateful day in early November when I was approved to adopt her through the Gaia's Landing Program (the best, most generous and philanthropic program to ever exist in the animal rescue world!!!)

So just know, when you go to meet kitties to adopt, make sure to take time with the ones who are having a rough time, they just might need YOU and a warm, safe home to call their home. Tiger Lily absolutely BLOSSOMED when she got home. The difference was night and day!


It's been four-plus beautiful years with TLil and she's almost 19!!! I strive to pamper her to my best ability with a mix of high-quality grain-free wet food and freeze-dried raw food (which are diabetic friendly!) and I swear her coat is as soft as ever and she is spry as ever. She also has a never-ending supply of fresh water from her metal kitty water fountain which she LOVES! She also has hypoallergenic, eco-friendly litter that is made of grass! No more dust and no more allergies!!! Even though she was declawed as a kitten I believe, she can jump up and down furniture like no one's business, but I prefer to provide her with kitty stairs up and down her queen-sized bed, so she is always as comfortable as possible. She needs a bed fit for a Queen, and she is my beautiful Queen Tiger Lily. She has her very own bedroom where if I'm sleeping in the same bedroom, she will run an obstacle course around the room (like a kitten!!!) including jumping right over my head repeatedly and knocking everything possible over until I feed her again. I'd say she's pretty darn spry for an almost 19-yr-old, I want her to live well into her 20s, at least!!! :) She even has her very own Catio - google it! :) It is an enclosure off a window or door of a house usually, where they can touch the bare ground and get fresh air, without the dangers of free-roaming like getting taken by a predator or hit by a car or something else devastating and uncertain, catios are the absolute best compromise for an indoor/outdoor kitty, especially a senior kitty who is declawed and is toothless! 

Ever since adopting Tiger Lily and volunteering at AniMeals as much as humanly possible, I have discovered a newfound purpose in helping spread awareness about holistic health in the animal world and beyond and have helped many families and friends in need with helping care and rehabilitate their fur babies. Working with animals is my life mission and I wouldn't have it any other way. It's all thanks to Tiger Lily and AniMeals inspiring me to become the absolute best version of myself and that is to be of service to others, especially in the animal rescue and animal care world. So, THANK YOU AniMeals for all you do and making all of this possible to connect humans with their furry soulmates, day in and day out. My life will never be the same because I now have a purpose that lie dormant for way too long. If you feel like there's something missing in your life, it could be time to start volunteering, donating time and/or resources and being of service to others and possibly saving a life by adopting your next furry soul mate.

Sassy and Paladine

Intake Date ~ December 2021

Adopted ~ January 2022

I figured since it's been three months since I took them home I would give you an update on Gnocchi and Spätzle (formerly Sassy and Paladine)!


As you can see from the photos I've attached they are doing just great. They are just the cutest couple of dumplings! They are almost always in the same room as me, following me around the house and getting involved in what I'm doing, even when I try to go to the bathroom. Spätz has even figured out how to open the door if I forget to lock it, which was a fun surprise the first few times it happened.


Otherwise, they pal around together all day, running around, knocking things off counters and putting all manner of toys in my shoes. They're also great snugglers, with Gnocchi preferring to sit on my lap when I'm on the couch and Spätzle being a real cuddlebug in the bed. They are very sweet babies and utterly fearless, even going so far as trying to play with my friend's dog when she brought him over. The pup was a little confused at first but he has a cat at home so they ended up getting along just fine. 


They're eating well and use the litter box exclusively and are happy and healthy kitties. They've proven to be a good match for me and I am very glad I adopted them. Thank you for making it possible!


Fawn, Moon, and Luna

Intake Date ~ January 2022

Adopted ~ March 2022

We adopted Fawn and Moon and Luna on March 10th. Fawn and Moon were renamed Misty and Smoke. Luna kept her kennel name. These little ones, who were part of the cat colony living under Reserve St Bridge, seem to be bonded siblings, especially Misty and Smoke who do absolutely everything together. They run around side by side with their tails entwined. All of them were very scared and hid from us all the time at first. But as you can see from the pictures, they are adapting nicely to family life. Little Luna is a bit shyer, but she is coming along too. When she hangs back, Misty runs to her and encourages her to come and eat or play. She is really enjoying joining in now. Thank you for the great work you do caring for these sweet creatures and finding wonderful homes for them. 


Intake Date ~ October 2021

Adopted ~ Novemeber 2021

Margo (Flora) was not a planned adoption. My son and I dropped by on a whim to discuss volunteer options, but of course we had to look at the kitties while we were there. I was insistent about not getting a cat because my husband had been adamant about “No More Cats!” We stopped at the last kennel where Margo greeted us at the gate and that night, I got approval from my husband who said, “Fine. No more. This is it. Done. I mean it!” A couple days later we were bringing her home!

As soon as my husband met her, he was in love. We were all in love.

She is still cautious around new people and fast movements, but she is very much at home and comfortable. She is very curious, and food motivated and has found herself locked in the pantry one too many times. She is always watching us and wants to be involved in everything. She can be found counter surfing or sitting at the kitchen island watching me cook or do dishes. She always offers to help cook and gets frustrated when her humans insist that she can’t. One of her favorite things to do is get tangled in our feet as we walk, causing us to trip.

When she’s not being naughty, she takes turns chasing her brother, Ted, all over the house. She LOVES to play, especially string and spring toys, and nothing is safe under a blanket! You don’t dare wiggle your toes or you’ll find her teeth chomped down on them. And don’t even get me started on her murder mittens! She is such a spunky girl who entertains us all the time.

When she’s tuckered out from all the curiosity, she can be found relaxing on a cat tree or snuggled up to her brother on the couch. She purrs instantly and has the loudest purr. When she wants me to hold her, she reaches her paws up for me to pick her up. She is such a sweet girl, and we love her very much. She is the perfect addition to our family.



I forgot to mention that she’s a master loafer. She loafs at any given time and is quite good at tucking everything in. We like to rate her loafs. So far, she’s rated a solid 9/10.



Intake Date ~ March 2021

Adopted ~ March 2022

He’s slowly getting more and more comfortable in his new home. It’s been a very slow process but he’s worth the wait!

Once he was ready to explore outside of his room, he chose the safety of one side of the house that is mostly cut off from the dogs. He has access to all the necessities and it’s quieter there. He spends most of his days on my side of the bed and as soon as he sees me come toward the bedroom he perks up, talks to me, and starts purring.

He doesn’t love his dog sisters and they mostly just coexist. His kitty brother and sister haven’t fully accepted him yet but it’s a work in progress and I hope time will give them the chance to work things out.

One thing that has not been slow is his eagerness to show me his love. And this boy shows love A LOT! His favorite time, besides wet food time, is bedtime when he loves to snuggle with me. If he’s not draped over my face and chest, then he’s not close enough. Every night he and I fall asleep with him purring against my ear. While it took some time to adjust to this new sleeping arrangement, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

He shows his love with the sloppiest kisses, with very aggressive head butts (the kind to knock my glasses off my face), love bites and the wettest most disgusting nose smears all over my face, glasses and IN my ears. He really is so affectionate.

He is becoming more trusting of his other human family members and is more accepting of their love every day. My son can pet him, occasionally kiss his furry belly and head and my husband was able to pick him up the other day for a minute to snuggle him. Whisper snuggled up to my husband the other day too. This is HUGE progress!

It’s amazing to see how far he has come from his days in the shelter. He is still feisty, and we must watch his cues closely, but he is so very sweet and purrs instantly. It is heartwarming to see how happy he is in his new home and I’m excited to see how he continues to grow. I tell him often that he is home forever. I still get emotional knowing he chose me to trust. I choke up when he snuggles as closely as he can and readjusts to keep getting closer and closer.

He is loved.