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Working Cats

Ferals are the offspring of abandoned pets or unaltered strays that may have lived in human homes but live on the street or as part of a cat colony. Raised without human contact in their formative months, they are neither pets nor fully wildlife. Feral cats live somewhere in the gray zone. They live on the streets, in parks, parking lots and in the shadows of human civilization. They colonize anywhere they find food, water, and shelter.

Our Working Cat Program was created as a placement program for cats that cannot live as household companions, yet are an excellent addition to farms, stables, plant nurseries, feed stores, and/or warehouses. These low maintenance, independent “working” cats (the original form of pest control) are healthy, spayed/neutered, vaccinated for rabies, ear tipped, and microchipped (if possible to do so). 


The program requires that cats are adopted in pairs. In order to better ensure that working cats become acclimatized to a property, we ask adopters to identify an enclosed outbuilding where the working cats can be kenneled or adequately sequestered for 2-3 weeks to help the cats associate the property and humans with food, water, and warmth. Please remember that working cats cannot live on mice alone and must have access to shelter.


Our adoption program gives them what they need; homes or facilities where they can live happily with limited human interaction. A landing spot where they are wanted, cared for, and valued.

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$25 Adoption

Fee for a Pair of Working Cats

CONTACT US: (406) 721-4710 

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