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Animal Food Bank

AniMeals began as a animal food distribution group in 2003 with the mission of addressing pet food insecurity in shelters and rescues. AniMeals delivered food across 147,000 square miles throughout Montana.


We still operate one of the most accessible animal food banks in Missoula today. Stocked by the generosity of community members and supporters across the United States, we offer specific programs for the homebound and disabled, people in crisis, and community cat caretakers. 


Recipients of the Homebound and Disabled program receive larger portions of pet food to sustain their animal's diets for a month. When applying for this program, please provide your Social Security Administration award letter. Call the shelter to request home delivery. We will try to accommodate this quest when volunteers are available.


People in Crisis addresses immediate pet food insecurity needs. Quantities of food are based upon the number and types of companion animals. Please fill out a form at the shelter. Recipients of this program may pick up food once a month at AniMeals.


We are aware that there are many community cat caretakers in our area. If you are caring for a colony, please fill out a form at the shelter. We cannot 100% guarantee that food will always be available for cat colonies, but we will try to accommodate all reasonable requests. 

**Please visit AniMeals Friday-Wednesday between 2pm and 6pm for food distribution**


CONTACT US: (406) 721-4710 

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