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Life in a shelter can be extremely hard on senior kitties; and because they are typically harder to place than the younger cats, their stay in the shelter can be much longer. In an effort to remove all the obstacles and improve their chances for adoption, we facilitate a program called Gaia’s Landing. 

The kitties in this program are 15+ years old. We provide all of their special food, pay their veterinary expenses and any medications associated with their care, for their lifetime. You provide sanctuary, a warm lap and the gift of unconditional love in their remaining golden years. 

We also have the occasional youngster that comes to us requiring a special diet or dealing with an ongoing medical condition that can be easily managed with veterinary care and medicine that we provide. 

These kitties are all waiting for their “happily ever after”.  Please consider becoming one of our sanctuary homes, where some of the most overlooked kitties in our shelter will be loved and cared for … because regardless of age, medical condition, or special dietary needs, they all long for the love of a family.

-Benefit for the cats? They will have a home and a loving family.

-Benefit for the people? AniMeals will cover expenses related to the initial medical diagnosis, including medical exams, prescription medications, prescription foods, and special diets.

We ask that you commit to the remainder of the cat's life and give them the love and affection that they deserve.


**Please consider sponsoring one of the special needs kitties in our program. Your $25.00 sponsorship will help cover the cost of food, special diets, medication, and veterinary care if needed.**

CONTACT US: (406) 721-4710 

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