We created this program to help people who cannot afford veterinary expenses, whether it is basic or catastrophic circumstances. This program ensures that a pet gets the care it needs, keeps them healthy, and in the homes of the people who love them, rather than being relinquished to a shelter or “put to sleep” due to lack of finances.


Through this fund we have: helped a little puppy with a hole in her heart, a cat that had to have a full mouth extraction, grooming for animals that were extremely matted because elderly owners were not able to keep up on daily brushing, and antibiotics for illness.


These are just a few of the cases that have benefited from the Honey Fund. With your donation we can help many more.


It would be tragic to have to give up a family member because you couldn’t afford medical care.

To apply for assistance from The Honey Fund please visit our Applications page to download and fill
out a Honey Fund application. Bring the application to the shelter, or email it to: info@animeals.com.


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