We created this program to help people who cannot afford veterinary expenses, whether it is basic or catastrophic circumstances. This program ensures that a pet gets the care it needs, keeps them healthy, and in the homes of the people who love them, rather than being relinquished to a shelter or “put to sleep” due to lack of finances.


Through this fund we have: helped a little puppy with a hole in her heart, a cat that had to have a full mouth extraction, grooming for animals that were extremely matted because elderly owners were not able to keep up on daily brushing, and antibiotics for illness.


These are just a few of the cases that have benefited from the Honey Fund. 


               With your donation we can help many more.


To apply for assistance from The Honey Fund please visit our Applications page to download and fill
out a Honey Fund application. Bring the application to the shelter, or email it to: Director@animeals.com.

It would be tragic to have to give up a family member because you couldn’t afford medical care.