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7.6 million animals are abandoned to the streets and shelters in this country every year. The shelters and rescue groups that house and feed these animals are struggling. AniMeals Animal Food Bank supplements the food needs of these homeless animals which frees up precious dollars for other critical needs, like medicine and surgeries. Additionally we feed the pets of the homebound disabled, families in crisis, feral cat colonies, and animals living on the streets. In 2016 we distributed 84,514 pounds of food from our food bank; 63,051 pounds went to 53 shelters and rescues, 8,710 pounds went to 190 families in crisis situations, and 12,753 pounds of food and supplies were given to 63 home bound seniors. We have sent out over 700 tons of food and supplies in the last 10 years. Our territory covers the entire state of Montana consisting of 147,000 square miles.
AniMeals is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and is supported entirely from the generous donations of animal lovers everywhere. A strong network of volunteers, doing everything from deliveries, daily chores and office work, is the backbone of our organization. Without the dedication of these wonderful people, AniMeals would not be able to operate. It is people like you who make it all possible.

We take the old, the infirm, the youngsters born to feral mothers that need socializing and homeless kitties that need medical assistance. We believe that every life is valuable regardless of age or medical issues. We are a safe haven for those that have run out of options.


Upon arrival, they receive a “Nose to Toes Health Care Exam,” which includes: a routine checkup, spay or neuter, dentals, and vaccinations. Last, but not least, a microchip so that if they ever get lost, they will always find their way back home.


There are many ways you can donate to AniMeals to assist us in rescuing, feeding, and healing the animals that need it the most.

Visit our WAYS TO HELP page for a full list of ways to help us continue or mission to rescue, feed and heal helpless animals in our community.


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