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Homebound/Disabled Program

This program is designed specifically for the pets of the elderly, disabled, and homebound members of our community. A companion animal is sometimes the only "family" member they have, providing friendship, joy, and a reason for living. 

At times, the cost of pet food can be an insurmountable obstacle for individuals living on a fixed income. It can mean the difference between keeping their beloved family member or surrendering them to an unknown future. Many seniors give up their food to feed their cats and dogs. Supplying pets with adequate daily meals makes it far more likely that everyone in the household is eating their own nutritious food.

**Please visit AniMeals Friday-Wednesday between 2pm and 6pm for food distribution or call the shelter to make arrangements for delivery. Delivery is based upon the availability of a volunteer to deliver food.**

Your donations will help us to continue our mission of keeping pets in the homes of the people who love them. Please consider donating today by choosing a sponsoring option.



“Austin loves animals and has a large companion dog, and a cat. Being around his pets is therapeutic for him. Without AniMeals Austin wouldn’t be able to keep his pets. He simply couldn’t afford to feed them. AniMeals has improved his quality of life significantly. Before he was using this amazing program, Austin, at times, would resort to feeding his pets his own food, and therefore he would go without.”

-Erica Attard

“AniMeals has provided pet food, litter and a litter box for one of my clients whose limited finances are not sufficient to care for his beloved cat. He benefits from companionship and commitment for caring for her and she was spared life in a shelter. There is no doubt that animals provide a sense of well being to people who are homebound. AniMeals has made it easy for my client to access nutrition for his cat by providing home delivery. It is one less worry he has each month as he struggles to live with a disability and survive on very little income. Isolation and loneliness are among the most difficult issues to remedy. A pet can provide a connection that gives a sense of purpose and literally a reason to live. The peace of mind AniMeals provides is invaluable." 

-Geret Chrestenson

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CONTACT US: (406) 721-4710 

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