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Carmelita Overcomes It All

Carmelita was brought to AniMeals in February of 2023 after she was found living amongst a community cat colony in Missoula. She appeared to be pregnant.

AniMeals determined that the bloating of her stomach was not caused by pregnancy, but instead, fluid. She was diagnosed with wet Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) seven days after she arrived at the shelter. AniMeals had seen FIP before and they immediately knew what steps needed to be taken. AniMeals started her on Mutian, a lifesaving drug for a devasting disease that, up until recently, had a 95% fatality rate.

On top of the FIP, Carmelita also battled an upper respiratory infection and a severe staph infection. AniMeals has rarely seen a cat go through so much and show as much resilience as Carmelita. She made a full recovery in our care. As of December 2023, Carmelita is still waiting for a companion to pamper her.

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