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The BFF Project

A Building For Our Friends


Our Mission:

To save the hungry, the helpless, the lost, and the little ones just struggling to survive; to house and feed as many animals as possible and to ease the suffering of the weak and unloved.

At AniMeals No Kill Adoption Center we care for many special needs cats, considered to be unadoptable due to physical disabilities, behavioral issues, emotional distress and the aged. We offer sanctuary for the blind, those with serious injuries, neurological disorders, Feline Immunodeficiency Virus, and Feline Leukemia while actively seeking permanent loving homes.

Rescue is a big part of what we do; whether it is a case of hoarding, abandonment or death of a guardian; when an innocent life hangs in the balance we respond.

We also provide assistance to home bound & disabled individuals, families in crisis and 71 rescues and shelters through our animal food bank.


The Need:

We currently reside in a building which is up for sale. While it is a great warehouse space, it is not conducive to animal sheltering. As with any warehouse, there are concrete floors, no windows, and no cooling or air exchange systems.  We have no isolation/observation/quarantine/receiving room for animals coming into the shelter. Our 10 day quarantine period is done in the kitchen which doubles as our Intensive Care Unit, intake room, food preparation area, shelter food storage, and grooming facility. With no ventilation this area is a potential breeding ground for bacteria and air borne viruses which could possibly infect the entire population of the shelter.  Our cat housing consists of 10x10x6 foot dog kennels that we have topped with deer wire. We also house kittens in ferret cages due to lack of space. Opportunities for community engagement/education are lost because we have no place to meet or sit down.

The Impact of a New Shelter/Food Bank

With an improved facility, and a high visibility location, adoptions are expected to increase by 40% which would allow us to save more lives by making room for more at-risk animals. Designated isolation and intake areas as well as proper ventilation will prevent the spread of infectious diseases. A complete medical suite where we could host low cost spay/neuter clinics would create a much needed additional resource for our community.

Our resident cats would benefit both emotionally and physically by having access to natural light, fresh air and stimulation on outdoor “catios”. A Climate controlled food bank would allow us indoor storage where our food stores would not be subject to the weather.                                                                                      

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CONTACT US: (406) 721-4710 

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